Knowing the Dynamics of Heavy Duty Brakes

We all know that brakes wear out. They are actually made to wear out. That is how they perform their function. But that does not mean you as a person who maintains trucks or buses would mind seeing them last just a little longer and perform just little better. Michael Caggiano of Bendix Brakes says the goal of brake manufacturers is to get brakes to last longer without compromising their effectiveness. That means finding materials that will help the brakes perform their job with less damage, wear and tear. “To be quite honest, no one’s completely there yet,” he says. Unlike engines and other truck components, Caggiano points out, brakes often come last from an innovation standpoint. “It is essentially the same brake today as it was in 1940,” he says. Yet everything else has changed, all the other dynamics from traffic to truck size. Trucks are performing in extremely