Looking Into Male Motivations

How do you keep your man happy?

Men are simple creatures. Most men, the straight ones anyway, don’t care much about their appearance beyond basic hygiene and decorum. You don’t have to play mind games with them. If they are on a kick to lose weight then thats what they are doing , most men dont muck around either they get stuck in , like recently I took on the Nutrisystem Diet challenge and lost 20lbs enough said right ? They won’t obsess about fashion trends and colors of the season. If there’s anything that could be an extension of themselves, it probably would be their cars. But you don’t have to pretend to be interested in baseball stats or truck suspension like in http://maxtracsuspension.com. Their basic motivations are food, sex, and competition, and you can keep any one of them happy by making sure he has healthy doses of all three.

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FOOD. Listen to your mother when she spouts that old adage, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Some men have gourmet tastes, others plebeian. Know where your guy’s tastes lie. Learn what his favorite foods are, whether it be barbecue ribs, chow mein, pasta, or sushi. If you cook, know the recipes by heart. But you don’t have to know how to make them; just know where to get his favorites or what delivery hotline to call.

SEX. Keep it interesting. Know what buttons to push. Indulge his fantasies, and yours too — don’t be a prude and don’t be shy. Let him court you and chase you once in a while to give him the thrill of the hunt.

COMPETITION. Let him have his poker night with his buddies. Subscribe to his favorite sports channels. Get him tickets to one of his favorite team’s games. Let him have his TV time all through football season, or the sports season of his choice. Cheer him on when he plays his sport, if he plays a sport.

And remember to mix it up! It’s totally okay to combine any two or all of the above for maximum excitement. Be creative. Combine food and sports by serving up some beer and wings during Super Bowl, or challenge him to strip poker for a lethal competition-sex combo. And for sure you can think of interesting things to do with food and sex — remember that scene from 9 ½ weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger?