It’s Electric! Vectrix USA Launches ZEV Motorcycle

Vectrix Unveils Zero-emissions vehicle

unveiled their zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) in San Francisco at the Presidio last week. I had the opportunity to ride it with Jeff Morrill, Vectrix marketing director, and it was a lot of fun! (I want one!) At $11k, I’ll have to wait, although the State of California (where I live) is apparently very close to granting a $2000 rebate after purchase of the Vectrix, and that’s enough to make a difference for lots of people. If this machine gains wide acceptance, could it become the Prius of motorcycles? During taping, I couldn’t help but notice how quiet this bike is, especially after several loud scooters and motorbikes rode by! It sports some real appeal and even the road noise is very low due in part to the high quality tires we got a great discount on at Tire Rack using a coupon

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  1. For a bit more than half the price I can get an Aprilia Atlantic 500, which has several times the range and tops 90 mph, or any number of lesser scooters that still go over 50 mph and cost as little as $2500.
    Wonderful concept, but the price needs to come ‘way, ‘way down if this is going to be anything but a very expensive “eco-toy.”

  2. You miss the point!! This is a HIGH PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC VEHICLE. Yes, you can get a scooter that has longer range and higher top end, but this will beat it hands down in acceleration and it has zero emmisions, zero noise. Total cost over four years – the Vectrix beats a combustion scooter too!!

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