On The Hunt For Good OEM Rims And Tire Dealers

As a proud owner of my 2006 Audi RS4 for just over 6 months, i couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchase! However, one thing has always bothered me: the finish on the wheels is poor quality. The last owner let brake dust accumulate to the point where it’s permanently caked on the wheels and all my attempts to clean them have been futile. After reading through a few discussion threads, it sounds like I’m not alone.Image result for On The Hunt For Good OEM Rims Dealers

On top of that, the finish is also peeling in multiple spots. I’ve made the decision to have them refinished. My dilemma is, should I set them back to the original OEM color or go with the glossy black finish? My gut tells me to go with the black. Most of my friends and family (and probably most of you guys) will say go with your gut, but I’d like to know if others have had glossy black Audi OEM wheels I got from Tire Rack on other 2006 RS4′s, specifically 16-inch wheels WITH tires that are 7×16 with 42-45mm offset. Get all the top Tire rack coupon codes and offers from MydealsClub and save money this year

Shopping for quality rims for my ’06 Audi RS4

What i’m looking for: a deal that includes OEM Audi center caps, lugs and Hubcentric rings. My budget is $2,000 though I’d like to keep it under $1,800. Also hoping for tires as part of the bundle. I am pretty firm the price but open to other wheels at that size that come with tires. There are a few other things I’m looking for in a seller, namely:

Friendly management

It goes without saying that I want quality rims, and this is an industry that has been known to have some fakes. For that reason, I do a lot of research looking for reputable manufacturers. In the past, I’ve had some bad experiences, so if anyone can point me to a trustworthy distributor, I’m all ears.

I have two close friends that race, and they only work with top notch remanufacturers, all of which have their ISO and SAE certifications. I’m not that picky, but I do want replacement wheels that are actually like-new. When I’ve shopped for factory replicas in the past (usually Ford and Toyota factory wheels) they are produced by JWL and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing shops.

Professional photography

This is a big one. Great photos are not just some vanity shopping metric for me… I want to feel like I know every thing about every inch of my wheels before they show up on my doorstep. If I don’t, then I won’t have the sense that I’m making a smart buy.

What this means: dealers take photos of each wheel for sale instead of using stock placeholder images. Additionally (and I’m sure any readers would agree), pictures that show the wheel from every angle make a huge difference. It’s too easy to take one shot and hide peeling finish. This is a lot to ask in an OEM rims dealer (especially for my price), but hey, it’s my money and I want crisp photos of my wheels.

Prompt shipping

I want a manufacturer and/or distributor that takes the time to check every wheel before listing them online. The reason for this is that they are able to ship same-day. I’ll say that, in the past, I’ve had an excellent experience buying from these guys. They were very personable on the phone and my shipment arrived in less than a week.

Reasonable price

As I mentioned, price is a huge factor for me, and I’m looking for shops that offer amazing quality assurance and low prices. If they sacrifice one for the other, it’s not for me.

Customer Service

My Audi RS4 is my baby! Taking care of my car is both a passion and a hobby, and I want to be taken care of as well. It goes without saying, but if I have a great experience I am always one to leave positive feedback for sellers. Nowadays, reviews/testimonials/feedback are extremely important for both sellers as well as buyers, so I’m quite vocal about my good experiences (hint: 5 star ratings).

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